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C Application to Asterisk

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This application, It makes your server more powerful.

With AGI your server crash with 12-15 cps

With our C application to Asterisk, your server accepts more than 40 cps with only 2 core and 4gb ram, and if you receive more than 40 CPS, the server sends a 603 and not crash.

Is added two new option in your MagnusBilling to set the global CPS, and to set the maximum CPS per user.
Include installation and our C application.
No include support.

You can install a sip proxy,OpenSips or Kamailio, to load balancer the calls between your master and slave server, or only between slaves.
We install the Sip Proxy, OpenSips, free if you use more than 2 Slave
The price is monthly.
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