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Our entire team is prepared to give all the VoIP and Magnus products related support your company needs.

Need Customization?

The support team is also the developer team of all our products, therefore we assure you the best support available will be available. We also have availability to develop new features, tools or customize on demand.

Commercial Addons

Our team creates many additional modules, plugins and extra components for MagnusBilling. Many of which that add an edge over the competition.
MagnusSolution is a team of professionals that love VoIP. With MagnusBilling we bring quality, reliability, and ease of use to all our customers.


Our first contact with Asterisk

At the end of 2005, the founder of MagnusSolution, Mr. Adilson Magnus, had his first contact with Asterisk, that was at the time in version 1.2. Since then he has put all his effort in deepening and improving his knowledge in development, focused in IP telephony.



Started to support existing VoIP Systems

In the beginning, we started using systems like Trixbox and A2Billing, therefore being able to give out support to costumers, that at the time were mostly in Brazil.

The start of the MagnusBilling project

We decided that it was time to start a new project using newer and better technologies, therefore we searched to find the best options available in the market and came to the conclusion that in order to develop a new and better system we would have to use ExtJS, the YII Framework and of course our old good friend Asterisk to get the best results possible.



The big change. MagnusBilling became OpenSource.

We went through 4 commercial versions of MagnusBilling, yet many features were sponsored by users. For that reason, we chose to make MagnusBilling OpenSource and dedicate ourselves to providing support.

Released MagnusBilling V6

In the year 2017, we focused on improving our current relationships with our customers and put MagnusBilling as the highest priority so we could publish version 6. We did achieve that successfully therefore, we have the best MagnusBilling we've ever had!



The highest capacity softswitch in the market

In 2018 we developed our C Applicationfor MagnusBilling in order to replace AGI and become the highest capacity softswitch in the market. Our C Application is able to handle up to 50 calls per second using very little hardware, as low as 2 cores and 4 gigabytes of ram!

Development of the 7th version

We have now started the development of the 7th version of MagnusBilling, including a full renovation in the tariff system and interface! Click here to read the proposed changes! 


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Main points

We are experts in VoIP. We're very apt to help your company to configure and customize your IP server.

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  • Agile methodologies
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